Enter Your Product Key - Download and Install Norton Setup

Downloading and installing Norton Setup online is very easy and can be done within few steps. Visit and enter norton product key. Sign in to Norton Account and Norton download process will start. Install downloaded file in your system to get Norton Security. Follow below details steps or contact for support

Before you download Norton, you need Norton account

Steps to Create your Norton Account

Purchase Norton Setup

After creating account, you need to purchase Norton Setup if not bought already.

Norton Setup Product Key

Norton setup product key include 25-character alpha-numeric code xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx written on the back of a retail card or on your registered email.

Steps to Download Norton Setup

Steps to Install Norton Setup

When the Norton setup has been successfully downloaded, the next process is to install Norton antivirus on your device. There are some instruction given below to install Norton setup product key.

Steps to Activate Norton Setup

After installation, If you are ready to continue with the software protection then you need to activate the Norton setup by using the activation code which you receive while downloading.
You can buy your Norton activation or product key by two methods:

Steps to Activate the Norton Product Purchased from an Online Mode

Steps to Activate the Norton Product Purchased from a Store

Go to the product activation web-page on the official Norton site i.e.
Further you enter the 25 character alphanumeric Norton product key code that is printed on the CD cover or retail card.
Log in to your account.
Click the Activate button.
The Norton antivirus has been successfully activated in your device.

Some Common Norton Setup Errors:

How to Use Norton?

Now a days Cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing and harm your devices with viruses, malware and malicious activities. To protect your device from cyber-attack malware in that case you should aware about security software like Norton security. Norton is an antivirus and its main intention is to detect and remove all viruses from your device. It continuously scans your device and protects it from viruses and cybercrime.

Protect Your Device

Norton antivirus is a security software which protect your device to keep clean and safe from viruses and threats. This antivirus automatically recognize the sites and data which include viruses which enter in the device and it helps to avoid the harmful link by not downloading in the device.

Manage Norton Digitally from Anywhere

Update your subscription, profile, billing preferences or renew Norton Protection from anywhere any time

Threate Protection

Norton setup it automatically update on its own every 5-15 minutes and the scanner that efficiently checks a device for threats in very short time.

Track and Protect Stolen Device

If your device stolen, track your device using Norton Susbcription and lock your data remotely. you can remotely wipe out your personal information.

Manage Firewall using Norton

Norton security programs block the dangerous websites and pages which can harm your devices from threat and viruses. Enable Firewall management through Norton, it will Manage and larm you for dangerous website to attack on your system.

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