FIFA 21 Hack

Ready to get players like Messi, Ronaldo or Pele in Ultimate Team? The FIFA 21 hack for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the PC helps you to get the best possible team. It is time for you to earn free FIFA 21 coins and points without any restrictions. Use the Generator on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet now.

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fifa 21 coin generator

Get players like Ronaldo, Pele or Maradona without paying

Normally gamers are spending hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars just to get superstars like Pele or Maradona. They are opening hundreds of packs and need so much luck! Don’t rely on your luck. With the FIFA 21 coins hack you can generate free coins and points and simply buy any player you wish on the transfer market. No trouble! No time wasting! No money wasting! The FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team is by far the best strategy when it comes to team building.

The most famous streamers on YouTube and Twitch are using the FIFA 21 coin generator for their popular pack openings. They are not spending real money for the FIFA Points, instead, they are using cheats and hacks to get them. If you are a streamer or make videos by yourself, you will love the FIFA 21 coins hack.


No risks, limits or other restrictions

Did you know you can use the FIFA 21 coin generator as often as you want? There are no restrictions. For example, you can generate a few million coins now and after you successfully used them for packs or players you can just use the FIFA 21 hack again.

We recommend you generate a maximum of 5 million coins and 50k FIFA Points first. Why? Because you need to “warm-up” your account. It is very suspicious if you suddenly have 50 million coins. After some time you can use the FIFA 21 hack again and generate even more points and coins for free. Don’t worry about it. We always make updates and add new features to the FUT 21 hack, so you can easily come to our website and use it again and again!

fifa 21 ultimate team hack

Win 70% more matches

The biggest advantage of getting awesome players is not only to build the strongest squad but to boost your chance to win matches. We tried it ourselves! Instead of 17 wins in the FUT Champions Cup, we could get at least 27 wins. With a little bit more effort we could even become pros. The FIFA 21 hack really helps to make you become better. It is a great solution for everyone who is ambitious and loves to win matches in the Weekend League or Division Rivals! Simply use the FIFA 21 coins hack to generate free points and coins for your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account!



  • No download needed
  • Run the FIFA 21 points hack on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Get free FIFA 21 Coins
  • Get free FIFA 21 Points
  • Works for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X
  • Works on PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox One
  • Always new features
  • No risk of getting banned in FUT
  • It saves you a lot of real money
  • Don’t waste your time anymore
  • Don’t rely on your luck
  • Also use it for the FUT Web App and Companion

fifa 21 coins generator

How to get free FIFA 21 coins for Ultimate Team

The FIFA 21 coins hack almost works the same as the FIFA Mobile hack. Both cheats are connecting to the database of EA. Enter your username, choose on what platform you play, and choose how many free FUT 21 coins and points you want to receive. Depending on how many people are using the hack at the moment it could be possible you need to confirm you are not a robot. Please verify yourself as a human then and get free coins and points in your club! It is absolutely free and it shouldn’t take any longer than two minutes.

Run the FIFA 21 coins hack


Keep in mind: No one is asking for security questions, password or your email. The FIFA 21 hack is 100% legit and not illegal. You will not get banned

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